LARB (Longleaf Architectural Review Board)

The LARB review board is a volunteer board of Longleaf residents tasked with regulation of all landscaping, hardscaping, architectural changes, modifications, additions, renovations, repairs, and new construction in Longleaf by referencing their governing document, the Longleaf Design Code.  The LARB is headed by the Longleaf Town Architect who is tasked with managing the LARB processes as well as approving all new construction in the community.  The LARB meets monthly to review applications and is open to the public.

LARB Design Applications are due to Condo Associates NO LATER than the 3rd Wednesday of the month based on the LARB schedule. Applications are due one week prior to the meeting.   Accelerated reviews are possible with additional LARB fees.  Residents are strongly encouraged to come to the LARB meetings in case there are questions regarding their application(s).

The LARB generally meets on the last Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm in Town Hall; please e-mail the contact below or check the community calendar to confirm the current month’s meeting date.


For paint colors, please click the link below to view on the Sherwin Williams website

Sherwin Williams Link for Longleaf Paint Colors


LARB Application checklist 2019.07
LARB level 1- Paint. roof. other 2019.7
LARB level 2- fence-landscape-hardscape 2019.7
LARB level 3 - Addition-renovation-pool- lanai 2019.7

If you have any questions for the LARB, please contact:

Delia Caride

Condominium Associates
2019 Osprey Lane, Suite B, Lutz, FL 33549
Office: 813-341-0943
Fax: 813-949-6041 

Nick Kizer

LARB Chairman