All owners (or tenants if applicable) must respond in writing to violation notices, so the Board can review all responses if needed.
The 1st violation notice will specify a compliance date based upon the timeframes listed below.  Notices are sent via regular mail to the owner (and tenant if applicable).
The 2nd violation notice, sent via both certified and regular mail to the owner (and tenant if applicable), will specify the following:
(a) if the violation is not corrected within 10 days of the date of the notice, a fine of $100 per day (not to exceed a total fine of $1,000) will be levied against the owner (or tenant if applicable) for each day the violation continues to exist; and
(b) the owner (or tenant if applicable) has the option of appealing the fine by appearing at a hearing before the Fining Appeals Committee at a specified date, time, and place.
Please understand that the goal of a potential fine is not for the Association to collect money from residents, but rather to motivate residents to comply with Longleaf’s governing documents.



  • Remove debris from property and public view
  • Remove unapproved sign from property
  • Children’s toys – remove from public view when not in use
  • Remove RV, boat, jet ski and/or trailer from view
  • Remove inoperable vehicle from view
  • Remove commercial vehicle from property and/or public view
  • Remove unauthorized real estate sign. Authorized signs are available from Millennium Graphics (813) 503-0808
  • Please clean up after pet
  • Pets must be leashed at all times
  • Cease allowing dog to bark continuously, disturbing neighboring properties
  • Conceal trash cans/recycle bins from view on non-pickup days
  • Remove artificial flowers
  • Remove advertising sign

Seven (7) Days:

  • Mow, edge, trim and weed lawn
  • Remove grass and weeds from landscaping beds
  • Remove grass and weeds from pavement areas
  • Mow, trim and edge vacant lot
  • Remove holiday lights and/or decorations
  • Submit appropriate paperwork to LARB for review, which is required before starting work.
  • Replace red mulch with pine bark nuggets or pine bark needles.

Fourteen (14) Days:

  • Replace damaged or diseased plantings
  • Trim palm trees and/or remove dead palm fronds
  • Propane tank – screen from public view
  • Equipment (A/C, pool, etc.) – screen from public view
  • Clean dirt and discoloration from pavement areas (entrance, driveway, and/or walkways)
  • Clean dirt and discoloration from fence
  • Remove vehicle with expired tag or renew tag
  • Remove unauthorized or broken window treatments
  • Replace missing house numbers

Thirty (30) Days:

  • Repair/replace lawn. Submit LARB if it’s a Florida Friendly design
  • Document standards are not being met – lack of required shrubbery
  • Clean and/or paint house.  Submit LARB if re-painting
  • Clean dirt and algae from roof
  • Fence needs painted/stained or replacement